Spa & sport centers Steam Cleaning

Spa & sport centers Steam Cleaning

  • elimination of viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • sanitizing of contact surfaces
  • cleaning of glass, mirrors and parquet
  • sanitizing of saunas and Turkish baths, hydromassages, wellbeing and massage parlours
  • sanitizing of swimming pool edges, showers and changing rooms
  • cleaning parquet in sport centers

Healthcare centers and spas are resorts with particular requirements, with a daily flow of customers and damp environments at high temperatures that favour the development and proliferation of bacteria and moulds.

The temperatures reached by the One Up Supplies Steam Cleaning guarantee the complete sanitizing of these environments.
They are unbeatable for the removal of dirt from tiles and majolica.

The exclusive use of steam for sanitizing translates into savings and is more environmental-friendlier than other methods which are based on the extensive use of disinfectants and chemical agents.


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