Reasons to schedule carpet cleaning before the holiday

Reasons to schedule carpet cleaning before the holiday

Holiday traditions offer many chances to show off your beautiful home décor. Adding seasonal decorations before gathering with friends is a great way to celebrate this special time of year. Why not step that prep up a notch?

To ensure that your house looks its best before company arrives, here are five reasons to give yourself the gift of a pre-holiday upholstery, tile or carpet cleaning from One UP.


Most Wonderful Time of the Year = Busiest Time of the Year

During the holiday season, you may be busy shopping for presents, wrapping up year-end projects at work or attending parties and social functions. To help you get your house holiday-ready, One UP can provide a quick carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning or tile and grout cleaning service in a matter of hours.


Clean, Odor-Free Carpets Help Your Home Look and Smell its Holiday Best

Around the holidays our homes should be filled with the scent of evergreen, apple cider and fresh-baked cookies. We all love our pets, but sometimes their odors and stains mar our carpets and prevent flooring from looking and smelling clean. To ensure that holiday guests will admire your decorations rather than notice your stained or dingy carpets, a carpet cleaning can restore your carpets to like new condition as well as eliminate pet odors.


Clean Your Home before the Holiday Gift Take-Over

Before visitors (including the man in the big red suit) arrive and load up your family with presents, why not ensure your home base is clean. With all the unwrapping and toy assembly taking place, you may not have proper access to your flooring again until January!


Spruce up Bathrooms for Holiday Guests

If you have guests planning to stay with you, you’ll want to ensure that all bathrooms are sparkling clean. One UP’s tile and grout cleaning will erase years of discoloration from your flooring and shower tiles. Your guests will feel like they’re being treated to a VIP stay and with One UP’s addition of a protective sealant, your tile and grout will stay cleaner longer.


Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or your in-laws are coming to celebrate the season with you, contact One UP today to make sure your home looks perfect.

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