Upholstery Cleaning using Steam

Upholstery Cleaning using Steam

Our steam cleaning technicians are equipped with the most advanced machinery to provide upholstery steam cleaning and upholstery dry cleaning.

Upholstery cleaning  provided by One Up Hub uses the powerful hot water extraction system reaching the roots of the upholstery to destroy and eliminating dirt, stains and bacteria.

Steam cleaning is known to be one of the best solutions to disinfect, clean and deodorize fabrics. Moreover, it leaves your upholstery almost dry and it extends its life too. It brings even more benefits for people who suffer with most common skin conditions and allergies such as: eczema, asthma, itchy skin.

Your upholstery will have a refresh and long lasting look and once again we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. The equipment we use is specifically selected and designed to deliver professional upholstery cleaning to all of our customers.

There are many types of textile upholstery in both the home and business place that should be cleaned on a regular basis. These items can include the sofa, dining chairs, cushions, mattresses, curtains, drapes and even car interiors. Then there is the many different types of upholstery fabric including cotton, wool, polyester, suede, leather and many more.


Believe it or not but mattresses are the piece of upholstery that really should be treated most. Most people get carpets cleaned annually but ignore the mattress they sleep, sweat, and do other things in for 8 hours a day. Instead the mattress is left untreated to be a hiven for general dust, stains, odours, and parasites like dust mites or bed bugs.

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