Types of Nanocoats


offers innovative solutions
such as: odor capture and antimicrobial technology designed
to eliminate odors in everyday products.
Antimicrobial nanotechnology is a rapidly growing science that
offers a strong defense against the growth of microbes and fungi.

Health Care
Antibacterial nano coating modifies all non-absorbent surfaces so that microorganisms have hardly any chance of adhesion. Disinfection is essential in the healthcare sector (hospitals, retirement homes, pharma industry).

Antibacterial nanocoating can offer support in various ways: from reduced bacterial adhesion or biofilms through increased solvent or disinfectant stability all the way to increasing the hardness of the substrate – Antibacterial nanocoating lends several advantages to the protected surface.

Antibacterial nanocoating repels all aqueous or oil-based substances – including blood and sweat – and prevents same from penetration as a breeding ground for microorganisms. All the while the invisible coating proves washable and disinfectant-resistant.

An investment that will and can save lives! Every year 91,000 people still die from hospital acquired germs


Especially in areas with food contact – be it the food industry, gastronomy, catering industry or at home – the use of biocides is rigorously restricted. Hygiene is an important factor: WHO (World Health Organisation) estimates 600,000,000 foodborne infections per year worldwide. Antibacterial nanocoating is not governed by the Biocides directive and is suitable for contact with food. Thus invisible ceramic coatings bring a real added value to hygiene in those industries

Travel And Lifestyle

Whether public toilet, swimming pool or hotel – when we are in public places and among crowds of people, we do long for hygiene and cleanliness. The number 1 complaint on many relevant evaluation portals is a lack of hygiene. Antibacterial nano coating provides gentle non abrasive ways to clean, saves work (cost and time) and protects against vandalism (e.g graffiti).

Water repellent Glass and Ceramic Coatings

Water repellent spray, nano glass coating reduces pollution, acid rains and icing on glass and ceramic surfaces.

Ceramic Coatings is a powerful water repellent solution for glass and ceramic surfaces. Repels water and stains. Also, water repellent technology preserves surface from fungus, lime and other stains. Widely applied as rain- and water-resistance and water repellent coating for automobiles. No greasy look and residue or poor durability like conventional oil-based products. Surface gains strongly hydrophobic, anti-stick and easy clean properties. Glass and Ceramic Nano Coating is; Permanent, durable for long life, resistant to acid and base chemicals and temperature changes, easy to apply, transparent and food safe.

Application areas: Building glass facades, vehicle windows, bath sinks, washbasins, tiles, shower cabins, hotel rooms, conservatories, solar panels and all other glass and ceramic surfaces.


Protects textile and fabric surfaces from stain and water.

Hydrophobic and oleophobic properties gives coated fabrics anti-stain and easy-clean features and creates waterproof fabric. Product ranges also protect the textile-based materials from UV rays, thus prolonging the lifespan of the fabric and its dyes. Old-school textile coatings generally need high heat for curing and shows poor durability.  fabric waterproofing spray coatings, you will not experience this lack.

Application areas: Garments, upholstery textiles, seats, including those in transportation vehicles, private and public (Plane, Car, Ferry, Bus, Train), carpets, curtains and all other textile surfaces.


Waterproof Coating for Mineral Surfaces & Stone

Industrial size waterproof coating which is applied on mineral surfaces to protect them from environmental harmful effects, fading and fouling.

Widely used for the protection of any and all mineral surfaces (concrete, clinker, and natural stone) from the daily grind of environmental conditions like dirt, air pollution and acid rain. Keeps surfaces as good as when freshly laid or poured. This is an entirely new product meant especially for porous mineral surfaces, to protect against water and corrosion without sacrificing appearance, breathability and texture.

Application areas: Building facades, roof tiles, concrete, walls, roofs, tilings, historical monuments and all-natural stone and mineral surfaces.


Water repellent for Wood

Water resistant spray for wood is a hydrophobic coating protects industrial size wooden surfaces by a simple spray on application and it lasts up to 12 months.

Protects wooden and wood-based surfaces from stain, water, air pollution, sunburn and acidic pollutants through its recently-developed hydrophobic coating capabilities. Gives 90% better protection and water repellency than teak oil and other conventional wood ‘finishes’ and products.

Application areas: Indoor and outdoor furniture and furnishings, pool and yacht decks, building wood facades, wood supplies for art, sculpture and instruments, wooden doors and windows, decks and all other natural wooden surfaces


Metal coating is the coating specially produced for unpainted metallic bodies and pure metallic alloys allowing prevention against corrosion and rust formations. Considering industrial usages, this product is found as showing high suitability on the bodies of sea vehicles, metallic storage containers, gun inside/outer parts and etc.

In addition to protection against corrosion and rust formations, Metal coating provides high degree of protection against UV lights coming up with shiny gloss by creating an ultra-transparent layer on the applied bodies. Because of the features like hydrophobicity and oleophobicity; surface gaining can be concluded as easy/self-cleaning, dirt repellency, time and money saving with long lasting durability.

Application Method:

  • HVLP  or spraying guns on rough surfaces. Otherwise application can be hold by touching on smooth surface.
  • Application surfaces should be clean and dry.
  • Application cannot be hold under direct sun light.
  • Curing time is determined as 24 hours.


Anti-GRM Antigrafiti nano clear coat for metal, painted and hard surfaces

  • Anti GRM is the last enhanced non-sacrificial formula of antigrafitti coatings and specially developed for metal and painted surfaces as well as can be applied on other hard surfaces like glass and plastic.
  • The coating bonds to surface chemically with an ultra-thin layer of approximately 500 nm which makes it hard to remove from surface and peeling of coating cannot occur like conventional antigrafitti products Product is specialized on paint and metal surfaces to obtain maximum longevity, cleaning efficiency and product consumption.
  • REACH cerfitified and low VOC formula apply to all environmental and health regulations on world. • Apart from its ultimate antigraffiti benefits, it protects surface from stain, debris, harsh conditions and increase longevity of applied surface.
  • It is transparent and thanks to its technology that one component and one coat product can stand durable up to 3 years.
  • Thanks to the specialized formula for metal, painted and hard surfaces so that product consumption is very low that yields to cost efficiency and environmental.
  • A simple stage pressure washing or wipe down with a microfibre cloth will be enough to remove all grafitti from surface. Cutting edge technology enables less and extremely easy cleaning times when compared to conventional products.