• Aircraft Steam Cleaning

    Interior & exterior detailing.

  • Nano Protection is ‘it’!

    Imagine an Eco- friendly cleaning system that responds to the demand of homeowners who desire clean and healthy spaces for themselves and their loved ones.

    One Up Supplies uses the latest, state-of-the-art equipment, environmentally safe products and  unique
    technology to clean all environments without leaving the harsh irritants of residues that can negatively affect ones health conditions or further more sip into and choke our delicate ecosystem.

  • Clear Difference

    There is a very clear difference in surface appearances when Nano coating is used to enhance and/or protect a surface.

    Take for instance the outer body of a vehicle during the rainy season,
    with muddy water splashed all over.

    The Nano coated surface retains less dirt and maintains the clean, crisp look you constantly desire while on transit.

  • Waterproof Surface Maintenance

    Enjoy the amazing feature of waterproof surfaces.

    This would mean:
    No water stained surfaces.
    Dry surfaces despite spillages
    Easy to clean surfaces, because the dirt just slides off
    Hygienically improved surfaces.

  • One Up Protection Hub

    Imagine going to work every day knowing that what you do makes a difference – for your
    family, your community and the environment.

    Imagine building an independent, secure future for you and your family — while creating
    healthier homes for your customers and protecting the environment.
    A unique business that makes the world better and meets a growing demand for green services

Welcome to the One Up Hub

ONE-UP SUPPLIES Is a Surface Management Service Company. Our Mission is to make every functional space a healthier place by offering a single source for all eco-friendly & green cleaning needs
The Nano Coat Effect…
Aviation Coating

Special Aviation coating…

Premium Surface Preparation

When striving to achieve maximum contact on a surface, the area you are working on must be cleared of every unwanted particles or substances.

One Up Protection Hub has invested in the right equipment, ultra modern technology and vitally necessary expertise to support every workmanship and skill set involved in every interlinked industry.

Call us now for further inquires and demonstrations.

Steam Cleaning

Ultra heat cleaning  is a fast growing technology that utilizes required substances in the most efficient manner possible.

The steam released goes into all those hard to reach areas, disinfecting every spot in the process, and leaving every surface dry once it evaporates in seconds.

It is fast, clean, effective and efficient.

Try it today!

The Products We Use

Our Cleaning System balances Science and Physics. Our equipment is considered to be some of the best in the industry because it balances the scientific principals of airflow, vacuum lift, water temperature and water pressure. When this technology is combined with quality cleaning solutions we are able to clean your fabrics deeper and thoroughly. This combined technology enables us to offer the very best service money can buy. Plus, it dries fast!

Our Ethos

Our commitment to the course and to serving our clients motivates us to continually and consistently improve on our past vast experiences, and embrace even better technologically advanced methods of service delivery.



To offer the most effective & efficient surface management
service in the industry.



To convert every global citizen into a more efficient existence that is clean, green and sustainable.



Time Conscious

Child Zone Cleaning & Protection
Child Zone Cleaning & Protection
Commercial & Domestic Carpet Cleaning
Commercial & Domestic Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning  & Coating
Upholstery Cleaning & Coating
Commercial Airline Cleaning
Commercial Airline Cleaning


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